New member to the Westmusa team!


We would like to present our new Associate, Victor Westerlund, 23 years old. He is preparing his Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management at Arcada, University of Applied Sciences.
Victor has done his internship at Westmusa, Inc. and will continue working with accounting and taxation services here. He will be situated both in Finland and in New York. As most of our customers are from the Nordic countries, we feel that it is important to have a contact close to them.
I am excited to join the Westmusa team and I am eager to learn more. I love the collaboration we have here and I will do my best to share this atmosphere with our customers.
Other than economy I have been playing all kinds of sports since the day I started walking. I began my handball career when I was eight years old and now for the last 3 years I’ve been the team captain for BK-46, a men’s handball team in Finland.
Service in English, Swedish and Finnish.

Victor Westerlund