The IRS’s payment options

Remember that the deadline for the federal tax payment is April 18th, even if you’re subject to an extension for the tax return itself. There are several ways of paying the federal tax:
IRS payment copyright SallaJ– Directly from your bank account: it’s free, safe and easy. This can even be done simultaneously when E-filing your tax return.
– By credit or debit card: Choose a payment processor to pay online, by phone or by mobile device. You’ll have to pay a processing fee that may be deductible from tax.
– By App: Download the official App, IRS2Go from e.g. App store and pay directly or by card.
The IRS also offers the possibility of paying by check, money order or via the electronic federal tax payment system. If you can’t pay, you may apply for online payment agreement, which let’s you pay over time, or, if you’re eligible, offer in compromise.

Introduction of a new employee


My name is Salla Jarvinen and I would like to introduce myself to you since, from the beginning of January 2016 I joined Westmusa Inc. I am a 23-year old Swedish-speaking Finn preparing a double degree at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. I am enrolled in the Master of Law (L.L.M) program as well as the Master in Political Science (M.P.S.) program, were I study human rights and international law as my majors.

In December 2015 I finished an 18-month working experience at the Finnish Tax Administration, where my duties mainly consisted of individual taxpayers appeals against the Board of Adjustment. I was given the opportunity to also work with individuals in international taxation, which ultimately led to commencing the internship at Westmusa, Inc. in New York. I will be working with individual and corporate tax returns as well as legal research.

I have played trumpet and sung for half of my life and in my spare time I still like to play, sing and enjoy music. Thankfully, New York is the perfect city to also do that. I am looking forward to working with you, let’s have a great spring in the city!

Salla Introduction