Introduction of a new employee


My name is Salla Jarvinen and I would like to introduce myself to you since, from the beginning of January 2016 I joined Westmusa Inc. I am a 23-year old Swedish-speaking Finn preparing a double degree at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. I am enrolled in the Master of Law (L.L.M) program as well as the Master in Political Science (M.P.S.) program, were I study human rights and international law as my majors.

In December 2015 I finished an 18-month working experience at the Finnish Tax Administration, where my duties mainly consisted of individual taxpayers appeals against the Board of Adjustment. I was given the opportunity to also work with individuals in international taxation, which ultimately led to commencing the internship at Westmusa, Inc. in New York. I will be working with individual and corporate tax returns as well as legal research.

I have played trumpet and sung for half of my life and in my spare time I still like to play, sing and enjoy music. Thankfully, New York is the perfect city to also do that. I am looking forward to working with you, let’s have a great spring in the city!

Salla Introduction